DMR Update

DMR’s anniversary is still a couple weeks away. In the past, it’s been the time when I update the world on the current state of DMR. For some reason, I feel like doing it this morning.

It’s been over two years since the last real release of DMR. There was a maintenance release that came out more recently than that, but it only fixed some code that stopped working. I mention this only because a few of my friends used to tease me about not being able to keep up with what they called “the hourly releases.” :)

What the hell is taking so long? Well, the biggest part of the two years was simple procrastination. My personal life changed a lot and I got out of coding and more into music and film. When I was taking the time to code, I was experimenting with external libraries. My lack of programming experience contributed to my using a couple of those libraries longer than I should have, so the extrication process took longer than it should have.


I no longer plan to develop DMR or Parasite. There is much better blogware out there and the world is a different place than it was when I started writing DMR. I barely use it myself these days. I see that someone else is trying to make a business of a crippled version of it. Good luck! :)

If anyone wants the working-but-very-difficult-to-install source for the latest version, email me and I’ll give it to you. The only real improvement is the RSS/Atom reader is much much much better.

So, this means that this site will probably get an overhaul as soon as real life and procrastination allow. I need to find a CMS that allows for blogs as well as static content.

Why you Need to Manage your Reputation

Why you Need to Manage your Reputation

Reputation management involves guarding an individual or brand reputation by addressing content that may be damaging to the person or brand. Reputation management also uses customer feedback solutions as warnings that may cause havoc to an individual or brand reputation. Reputation management mostly deals with negative feedback and attempts to bridge such negativity with the truth, which in most cases is positive. 

Reputation management improves tagging and search engine optimization for positive feedback from customers as a way of pushing down negative content. In addition, a reputation manager may opt to publish first-hand information through a website or social media profile as an attempt to outdo the negative perceptions. Submission of online press releases, especially to trustworthy websites, also helps to restore the name of the brand. There are cases where reputation management calls for legal address particularly in cases where negative information as propagated by an individual or institution violates the rights of an individual or owner of the brand. On the other hand, there are cases that call for proactive response to public criticism especially when based on a false accusation.

Reputation management has many ethical challenges because there is no disclosure or censorship in most industries. For example, there are companies that hire bloggers from third party sites who write positive reviews for such companies. However, the recent past has seen the emergence of the Online Reputation Management Association at GMG SEO, which is on the forefront to fight these unethical forms of reputation management and replaced them with a tool set that allows a company or individual to ask for the removal of a falsified or unwanted content through Google. As a result, the rate of unethical reputation management and unfounded negative reviews has gone down.

Signs That You Need Computer Repairs Melbourne

Signs That You Need Computer Repairs Melbourne

There are some signs of a broken computer that are obvious. For example, if your computer only gives you a blue screen or if the screen is damaged, you may be well aware that you need to reach out to a professional for computer repairs Melbourne. However, other signs of computer issues are not quite so obvious, and you may need to pay close attention to your system in order to determine if something may be wrong with it. Remember, keeping your computer in the best overall condition is necessary if you want it to enjoy the longest useful life possible. 

One common sign that you may notice if your system requires computer repairs Melbourne : 1300 Fix Now is when it starts to run slow. Lag may be related to your Internet connection if you notice a slow speed when surfing the Internet. However, if you notice that your system is running slow when you are typing, opening files or completing other system-related tasks, there may be a virus working in the background. Another common reason for a slow system is a shortage of memory. Both of these issues can be taken care of when you take your computer in for computer repairs Melbourne. 

In some cases, your computer may operate seemingly fine, but you may get numerous pop up messages as you use it. These may be Internet-based messages, which can be a sign of a virus or malware. These pop-up messages can also be system-related, and this may indicate that you need to complete an update or that something internally is not working right with your system. Your computer repair technician can diagnose the issue and can provide you with repair service. 

Many people delay scheduling service for computer repairs Melbourne because they fear the cost of the repair work or because they do not want to live without access to their computer for the period of time that is necessary for the repairs. However, some repair issues can become more problematic over time. Others can slow down your efforts when you use the computer. Setting up an appointment for computer repairs Melbourne may be one of the best steps that you can take if you have noticed signs of an issue with your system.

The Benefits of Using Professional Web Design Melbourne Services

The Benefits of Using Professional Web Design Melbourne Services

Whether you have plans to design a small website with just one or two pages or you want to develop a huge e-commerce website with hundreds of different pages, you will benefit from using professional web design Melbourne services. Of course, you always could complete the design efforts on your own or have one of your staff members do the work for you, but you will enjoy the best results when you outsource this very important task to a professional team of highly skilled web designers. 

Keep in mind how important your website is to your business. It will be a virtual storefront for your business, and your customers can learn more about your products, your services and your company history and reputation through the website. Your web design Melbourne services will help you to achieve all of the important goals that you have for your website so that this is the best tool for your company that it can be. 

Because of how important your website is, you will want to put the skills and experience of a professional web design Melbourne team to work for you. Web design is not something that should be done with a plug-in template. This is something that should be customized fully to suit your business and to meet your needs, and the design team will work with you closely to ensure that the website is ideal for your needs and your goals. 

In addition, professional web design Melbourne with are necessary if you want to create a truly visually appealing website. You want your target audience to enjoy visiting your website, and you also want to wow them in a positive way. You do not want them clicking off of your website because they are frustrated or annoyed. Web designers understand what it takes to create a gorgeous website for you. 

You may be well aware that there is a cost associated with web design Melbourne services, but you may not be sure if the benefits are worth the cost of the services. As you can see, there are true advantages that you can enjoy when you work with a professional design team, and you will want to put these benefits to work for you. Take time to reach out to a web designer today to begin discussing your upcoming project in greater detail.