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Shell Scripts

newmoz is/was a script to download a tarball of the latest Mozilla build, cram it in your home dir, and flash enable it. Requires wget. Chances are very good, however, that it's of no use to anyone in this day and age of MozillaIE, er MozillaFirebird.

pushkey is a script designed for OpenSSH users to push their OpenSSH keys to remote hosts (OpenSSH or commercial ssh). Run the script with no arguments for a usage statement.

PHP Scripts

Stick img.php [phps|txt] in a directory to browse all of the images with ease. It's no big deal, it's just handy.

Perl Scripts

dmaattocg.pl is a perl script that will generate a table of contents file for the TurtleBeach AudioTron. It neither slices, nor dices, but it does alphabetize the song listing (makes the AT happy) before writing it. As with all of the other code on this site, it's released under a BSD style license.

Vim Scripts/Tips

Vim's PHP syntax highlighting can get confused farily easily in its default state. Vim uses ~/.vim/ftplugin (by default) to store File-Type plugins, which are plugins that are only executed if Vim thinks that it's editing a certain type of file. This Vim file-type plugin will turn on some very useful features for PHP coders.

See this blog entry for another vim tip.

More to come.

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